Premium sale - rules and conditions

Rules and conditions of the premium sale “Hotel Crocus**** gives away money” General terms The name of the premium sale is “Hotel Crocus**** gives away money” The organizer of the premium sale is Hotel Crocus****, located in Zakopane Chałubińskiego st., 40, 34-500 – NOTÓWKA LTD., LOCATED in Zakopane Chałubińskiego st., 40, 34-500 with the capital of 200,000 PLN, noticed in the entrepreneurs’ register National Court Register, by the Regional Court for Cracow-midtown, XII BUSINESS DEPARTMENT of the NATIONAL COURT REGISTER, with the number KRS 0000143158, NIP 736-000-59-19, REGON 490507890 (“Organizer”). Definitions: Stay – letting of a residential unit in the Hotel Crocus with the breakfast Crocus currency – discount voucher for an amount of 100 PLN Conditions of use of the premium sale: Duration: June 24 2016 – august 31. 2016. The place of sale in the republic of Poland – Hotel Crocus****, located in Zakopane Chałubińskiego st.40, 34-500, Zakopane. Only physical individuals fully legally competent are allowed to participate in the premium sale. The offer is targeted to customers as described in article 22(1) civil code. Only residents of the Hotel Crocus, staying within the terms of the premium sale, are entitled to take advantage of the premium sale. Only individuals, made booking through the phone, via e-mail, or via webpage are entitled to participate in the premium sale. Detailed conditions of handling of the Crocus Currency. Premium sale means authorizing to the customer, that has purchased the stay in the Hotel Crocus (paying for the purchase one-time, possessing a documented check), Crocus Currency in amount of 100PLN for each 1500 PLN spent in the terms of the program. Crocus Currency is handled in the reception of the Hotel Crocus, after paying for the accommodation, which is described in chapter 4 above. Crocus currency may be used during next stay only in the Hotel Crocus during 6months after the check was issued. The Crocus Currency cannot be cashed. The Crocus Currency can’t be used to pay in the hotels’ restaurant, lobby-bar, SPA. To use the discount, customer has to handle the Crocus Currency to the reception. The amount of discount is distributed proportionally to the amount of the entire one-time purchase, when added; giving the amount of discount.min case, when the amount of the voucher doesn’t exceed the amount of the services, the amount not used is terminated. If the price of stay is equal to the service ordered, customer is not allowed to pay 100% by voucher, and has to pay 1 (one) PLN. If the cost of stay is bigger than the value of the voucher, customer may use the entire discount, paying the difference with any other payment method. Final terms: Participating in the premium sale, means acknowledging by the customer of the terms and conditions herein, and their acceptation. The rules and conditions herein will be available for all customers in the reception of the Hotel Crocus****, and on the webpage Participant may not refer to unfamiliarity of the rules and conditions, once participating in the sale. All the complaints, concerning the premium sale should be lodged during 14 days after participation: Directly to the Sales&marketing department of the Hotel Crocus, via e-mail, sent to the address: Complaints will be examined in 14 day. Complaint in writing should include: customers’ contact details – name, and surname, address, telephone, and complaint description. In cases, not regulated by the terms and conditions herein, should be used the civil code. All conflicts, resulted by execution of the obligations, connected with the premium sale, would be settled by the Court; appropriate to the place the conflict took place. The terms and conditions herein are in effect from June, 24 2016, till august, 31 2016 Zakopane April 19, 2016
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